Are You a #GameChangHer?


"I.AM The CHANGE" is a Movement that is set to Empower, Equip, Inspire, Encourage & Uplift others through the Journey & Transition to become BETTER Individuals as well as Managing and Running BETTER businesses, and to help others realize that ANY change desired both Personally and/or Professionally STARTS with YOU! It is said that two of the MOST powerful words are 'I AM', for what you put after them shapes your reality! And Da'Nielle.I.AM EMPOWERS YOU to realize WHO YOU ARE, WHO YOU WERE CREATED TO BE, and to KNOW YOUR PURPOSE.....so that YOU can KNOW YOUR PLACE in Life!    



"Da'Nielle.I.AM" is a Female Leader, a Motivational Speaker, a Business Owner/CEO, and a Brand Coach/Manager, that is dedicated to those wanting a Positive CHANGE.... and to those that are Ready for that SHIFT out of 1st gear! If you are not GROWING, then YOU ARE STUCK.......that's IT and that's ALL! And one of the MOST important and MOST vital pieces to any CHANGE in life....is our Mindset! And Da'Nielle.I.AM FIRMLY believes that...."If you CHANGE your Mind....you CHANGE your LIFE!" The "I.AM The CHANGE" Movement is NOT only for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Bosses, CEO's, etc...........It is for ANY & ALL who desire to be BETTER Leaders, BETTER Achievers, BETTER Doers, BETTER Followers......and just ALL-AROUND BETTER Individuals than you were the day before! I.AM...because GOD says I AM.....and SO ARE.YOU!

Now Speak It Into Existence....... And BELIEVE IT.......... #I.AM The Change I Want to See!

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