1-on-1 Coaching Packages

Everyone can use a little PUSH, DOSE of ENCOURAGEMENT, MOTIVATION, or just ASSURANCE that you are on the RIGHT TRACK RIGHT? Of course! And you've come to the RIGHT PLACE for you and your BRAND! Sign up below for a package that BEST fits YOU! 

"WHO AM I"? (3 Months) $750
(3 monthly payments of $250)


This package is for Brand Identity! To help individuals discover who and what their Personal and/or Professional brand is or what they would like for it to be, then helping you discover and find out who YOUR target audience should be.  


What you will gain:


  • How to identify your purpose, so you'll know your place in life

  • Help identifying your strengths and weaknesses, and how to grow from there

  • How to Maximize the Greatness that already lies within YOU

  • How to help others reach their destination/purpose, is how you arrive to yours sooner


"There's MORE of  YOU to Sell" (3 Months) $750 (3 monthly payments of $250)


Some people have it confused when it comes to understanding what it means to create several streams of income, and just how to do so. And this package is designed with that person in mind. Ready to EXPAND your BRAND and increase your income while doing so? Trust me, there is MORE of YOU to sell than you know!    


What you will gain:


  • An understanding that you have more than just one gift, service, and/or product that you have to offer

  • A thorough understanding on how to turn what you're already good at, into multiple streams of income 

  • Assistance with testing a variety of new products, services, etc

  • A report and analysis given on the products, services, etc tested

  • Assistance with creating your signature niche

"The 'iBRAND' Coaching Package" (6 Months) $1,800 (6 monthly payments of $300)


Discovering the basics of TRUE branding, or getting back to it. This package is for those ready to go beyond a nice logo or a great website, and is truly ready to BUILD-a-BRAND that will last as long as you work the plan. This package is also for those wanting to re-create their personal and/or professional brand into one that will be remembered and sought after, for years to come. Reay to take your brand to that NEXT level? This package is for YOU!


What you will gain:


  • A much clearer sense of what a BRAND is

  • A thorough understanding that your Brand has a personality, and identifying what that is

  • An understanding that your Brand's personality starts with YOU

  • A thorough understanding of your BRAND'S (Purpose, Product, Promise, Personality, Package and Promotion)


"The WHOLE She'BANG'" (1 year) $2,400 
(12 monthly payments of $200)


GIVE ME the WHOLE She-Bang!!! With this package, it's ALL ABOUT THE BRAND! We focus on giving YOU and your BRAND a TOTAL Make-Over! We help you get back to the basics of branding, what's most important in business, and to remember why you started in the first place! This package is designed to help you and your brand get on track, and stay on track with the knowledge and tools you need to make an impact!     


  • Includes ALL 3 packages




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NOT sure which Direction to take, and need to ask just a few questions to GAIN CLARITY? Then Schedule Your:


  • Pick My Brain Sessions $50/30 min




Don't want a long-term commitment, but STILL need the Coaching? NO PROBLEM!!! Schedule Your:


  • Monthly Coaching Sessions $100/hr