Do you have a story to tell about something that has took place that has made a POSITIVE CHANGE in your life or your thinking? Or do you have an INSPIRING story to share about your personal journey to Transformation, Re-Creating yourself and/or Re-Branding you or your business? Or what about your miracle story of SURVIVAL or HEALING, or how you found the COURAGE to find your Voice in this world and how you chose to use it? If so, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!


I.AM #Healed    I.AM #Blessed    I.AM #Loved    I.AM #FREE    I.AM #Strong    and I.AM #ENOUGH........     

Ninette, 40
Dallas, Texas

I was weak, bitter, frustrated and angry when me and my husband seperated in 2006. I felt like it was all my fault, what did I do wrong? My self esteem was so low.. Am I not pretty anymore? I accepted the fact that we were going our seperate ways but I was still hurting deep inside. I cried day & night asking God why? That was when I turned to God, He spoke to me and said I am going to restore your marriage! I instantly believed Him! It was a 8 month journey praying & fasting and listening to God! I had to refocus my mind on Jesus and that is where my strength came from...is to do what He said! God spoke to me and said to pray for your husband for 30 days and he will be back on that 30th day! Hallelujah! I did and God did exactly what He said! My husband came back to me broken, hurt and confused not knowing if I was gonna take him back. I told Him but God loves us so.. We are gonna be alright! It's been 8 years later and a total of 20 years we have been together...It's All God! So from this experience I would like to say..


I AM stronger... I AM wiser... I AM beautiful.... I AM confident in who God told me that I AM... I know who I AM and whose I AM...a child of the King! I hope to encourage at least One.. Just turn to Jesus for all your situations and He will see you through! 


Kai, 41
Dallas, Texas

My testimony. ....

I.AM everything , everyone thought I wouldn't be....

I AM a work in progress.
I AM blessed. 
I AM reading my bible everyday. 
I AM making time to pray and mediate every morning.

I AM relearning my mental, physical and spiritual health. 
I AM healthier. 
I AM continuously reminding myself how blessed
I AM mindful and more conscious of others feelings before I speak.
I AM......so many wonderful things that I could say about myself. .... today. 
I couldn't, nor would I believe those leaving your lips.
August 8 th 2014, I started a journey of newness and renewal. My life has been a live for television version of bad. It could be the worst sometimes. 
Every bad choice was of my free will, but I always blamed something or someone. 
Being responsible and admitting to myself, that I too, participated in my own self destruction.....was not an option. I was the best redirecting.

When asked to pen this testimony
I had to stop writing. My writings began to resemble the, "Woe, is me " type of testimony.
"Life was hard for. ...."
"I was a teen mother....blah blah blah."
At 17 years old , I was put out of my mother's home for not following instructions and disobeying her authority. Of course I deserved to be put out.
At the end of the day, I've made some stupid decisions.
I AM no longer ashamed or embarrassed.
I AM not going to use this time of testimony to relive the past. 
I AM really moving from the past. 
So what

I AM healing. 
I AM reborn. 
My life has completely shifted for His greater.
I AM in awe of His favor, His forgiveness and His grace. 
I AM immensely grateful. 
I AM giving myself permission to enjoy today. 



Ro Simmons
Dallas, Texas

On this day a year ago, I took a leap. I quit my full-time 40 hours a week job with guaranteed pay, to work my businesses full time. It was scary, stressful and my support was very limited. Financially my businesses were not lined up where I wanted them to be but I believed I could get them there if I had the time. So I did it! I quit. Today I can say I am truly a different person than what I was a year ago. I quickly realized I could not do this alone. God had to be the center of my life and I had to dedicate more time to him than any other thing I was working on. If I wanted my businesses to be extraordinary, I had to team up with extraordinary. There is no other avenue of extraordinary than the God above. My businesses are thriving and I am growing into a holy spirit filled woman of God! 

I.AM Better........ I.AM Growing.......... I.AM Extraordinary!


Ro Simmons

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