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We all have aspects of our lives that we want to change. In the past, you may have just given up, given in, and told yourself “what's the point of trying? I can't change. Change is tough. I'm so far away from where I want to be.” What you should have told yourself is yes, change is tough, but change is worth it. Anything worth having will take time and effort on your part. Are you ready to take the first steps to a better more fulfilling life? Are you tired of being STUCK in the first gear of your life, and READY to get on the highway to personal and/or professional success? If your answer is YES, you've picked the right book. In these pages you will learn fifteen easy to follow ways to re-create, re-invent and re-brand yourself. Any change that you desire to see, must first begin with the person you see, YOU! If you change your mind, then you can change your life! You deserve to be the happiest “you” possible. Now you can be. Your change starts today!

Your BEST 'YOU' Starts TODAY!

What You'll Gain
By This Read:
  • An Understanding of How What You Think Determines What You Do

  • How to Recreate Yourself Both Personally or Professionally in 15 Steps

  • Empowerment & Encouragement to Keep Moving Forward

  • A FREE Personal Life Areas Assesment Sheet

  • A FREE Personal 15 Power Moves Goal Setting Worksheet

  • A FREE Personal 15 Power Moves Checklist

  • Personal Power Thoughts By Da'Nielle.I.AM to Help EmPOWER & Motivate You to Change Your Mind to Change Your Life

  • Extra Space to Write Your Own Power Thoughts to Motivate You on Your Journey to Recreate Yourself

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"Keep Calm... And Make POWER MOVES ONLY!"